Anuman week and RPG week-end on Gamesplanet



・Anuman Week
Anuman InteractiveのADVやStrategyをセールするよ。Syberia1&2やPost Mortem、Still Lifeなどの名作、Dracuraシリーズも取り扱いを始めたのでチェックしてみてね。

・今週末はRPGの50%セールをするよ。対象はThe Witcher, Star Trek Online, Torchlight, Spellforce 2 bundle, Disciples 3だ。

・Gothic Pack
Gothic 3、Gothic 3:FG、Gothic 4のセットパッケージを用意したよ。

Hello there!
How are you doing? ひさしぶりだな!
We’ve got some nice offers going on if you want to promote them to your readers.

Anuman week (started today)
25% off all Anuman games, this week only (ends 10/11/2010)
This offer includes such classics as Syberia 1 and 2, Post Mortem, Still Life, as well as new IP’s such as the new Dracula series and much more!
The offer is available here:

Also, this week-end will see an RPG offer, with The Witcher, Star Trek Online, Torchlight, a Spellforce 2 bundle as well as Disciples 3 on sale!
All of these will be @ 50% off!

Finally, as you did a great piece on Arcania: Gothic 4, you will probably be happy to know that we have a great Gothic Pack, with Arcania, Gothic 3 and Forsaken gods, the add-on at a nice price 🙂

Thanks again and have a nice day!


  1. Gothic Packという名前なのに1と2が省かれているのはどういうことなの・・・
    500円ほど高いものの、FG除く全シリーズが付いてるSteamのGothic Bundleのほうが良いと思うのですが