Euro Truck Simulator 2でマウスルックが効かない件について


Euro Truck Simulator 2でドライバー視点にした時に視点移動ができなかったのだが、FreeTrackIR(ウェブカメラを使ってトラッキングするソフト)が原因だった。せっかく楽しみにしていたのに視点移動ができないせいでお預け状態だったがこれでようやくプレイできる。

I found the solution to the internal view problem (see page 3): looking in ETS2 log file, it said it found TrackIR and initialized it, but I have no TrackIR! Then it came up to my mind that when I used to play Flight Simulator I had installed a face tracking software called FaceTrackNoIR, but I have no webcam so it just sent to ETS2 an input saying I was always looking forward (hope you understand). Solution was to uninstall this software and the Face Tracking API (used by the program ro recognize your face via webcam). I hope it works for you !
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